SavvyFettleMRI 3 Tesla: The Future of Healthcare Technology at RS Premier Bintaro

MRI 3 Tesla: The Future of Healthcare Technology at RS Premier Bintaro

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Now entering the golden age, RS Premier Bintaro has always been dedicated to provide the best care for the patient. To deliver high-quality, efficient and patient-centered care, Premier Bintaro Hospital enhances its facilities at Radiology Department with the sophisticated MRI 3 Tesla to enforce more appropriate, rapid and accurate diagnosis. The MRI 3 Tesla is equipped with artificial intelligence and deep learning which designed to analyze and process 200,000 case studies.
The technology of MRI 3 Tesla enables to do a wide range of health screening including for spine, abdominal cavity organs, muscles and joints, heart, brain and pregnant women who require MRI examination to examine the condition of the fetus they are carrying. This is very useful for both the doctor and the patient to identify every detail needed for the examined organs within a short period of time.
The strengths of MRI 3 Tesla yield myriad benefits for radiologists and patients. Listed below are just a few.
• The diameter of the gantry is bigger than the previous one, which is now 70 cm, making patient more comfortable while doing the health screening.
• The speed of the health screening reaches 40-60% faster than the regular MRI screening with higher resolution and more detailed images, which are beneficial when diagnosing pathological conditions.
• Equipped with in-bore cinema, which allows the patient at RS Premier Bintaro to enjoy a variety of exciting movies, to eliminate the anxiety of the patient.
RS Premier Bintaro is a part of Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Indonesia, which established since 12 October 1998 and offers excellent services including Orthopedic Center, Spine Center, Sport Clinic, Skin & Laser Clinic, Vascular Center, and Stroke Center. The philosophy, “People Caring for People” reflects a commitment to improving sustainable quality – the responsibility to provide international standard services, as well as to consistently develop human resources.
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