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RS Premier Bintaro Introduces Advanced Robotic Navigation Spine Surgery

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On 12th October 2022, RS Premier Bintaro marked its 24th anniversary with a celebration under the theme ‘The Future Healthcare is Now, Tomorrow is Today’. This theme is in line with the digital transformation program run by Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care all over Indonesia. During the anniversary event, RS Premier Bintaro took the chance to introduce ROBBIN (Robot Bintaro), a new breakthrough in orthopedic surgery procedures, especially in Southeast Asia. In this sophisticated era, surgeons nowadays are using this robotic navigation in spine surgery as well as other orthopedic surgery cases. This highly advanced robotic system would reduce instances of infections, implant inaccuracies, revision surgeries, radiation exposures and patient’s length of stay at the facility.

dr. Martha M.L. Siahaan, MARS, MH.Kes, the CEO of RS Premier Bintaro, described “Robotic Navigation Spine Surgery at RS Premier Bintaro is integrated with CT scan 256 slices, C-Arm and also supported with MRI 3 Tesla technology. The ROBBIN allows the surgeons to perform within 2 hours, which normally takes 8 hours to do spine surgery without the navigation robot”. She further explained, “The phenomenon of digitalization in the healthcare industry has forced us to be ready to face technological developments. Offering the best services at an affordable price, RS Premier Bintaro always strives to improve its digital services towards smart hospitals in increasing the effectiveness of patient-centred care. Therefore, patients requiring spine surgery will no longer need to go to Europe or America as RS Premier Bintaro provides ROBBIN.”

Despite the robots and the in-sync navigation system, RS Premier Bintaro emphasizes that their specialists are the ones ensuring the success of the operations. Using freehand and the navigation only aims to visualize and monitor what’s happening inside the body of the patient. This allows the surgeons to understand any possible problems and to be able to fix them in real time. It’s important to underline that the experienced surgeons at RS Premier Bintaro perform the operations, not the robots.

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