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Riding the Coffee Wave

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In the last decade or so, Indonesia has experienced a massive explosion of coffee culture. As the leading importer of coffee supplies in Indonesia, Toffin Indonesia’s role in this rise cannot be understated.

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Not just in Jakarta, but throughout country, we’ve seen all kinds of specialty coffee joints mushrooming all over, surely but slowly getting more and more people to appreciate coffee as something that is more than just a caffeine source in the morning.

You can argue that the third wave coffee in Indonesia started with a handful of coffee connoisseurs who were thirsty for really good coffee, who felt that they had been shorted on quality beans which instead of getting roasted by local roasters, got shipped elsewhere for other coffee drinkers in other countries to enjoy.

In Indonesia, the coffee boom can be traced using one of its earlier importers of all things coffee: Toffin Indonesia, a company that has been around since before the specialty coffee boom started. Way back in 2007, the brand took its initial step into supplies with California’s “Cappuccine” frappe mixes. Not long after, the company became the sole distributor of the most renowned brands in coffee making: Nuovo Simonelli from Italy, and Hario from Japan.

Up until then, entrepreneurs and coffee connoisseurs alike had had to go to lengths to get good quality coffee gear. Today, Toffin has become the leader of the coffee machine market in Indonesia. Their partners have reached thousands, facilitated with equipment, raw materials, and even business training.

Toffin is the company to go for literally any kind of coffee supplies, for budget and home use, to the Rolls Royce of espresso machines. From Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Allegra, Smeg, Rubbermaid, Bravo, BWT, Hario, Compak, as well as high quality syrups, powders, and toppings, sauces from Fabbri, Zicaffe, Toffin Beans Specialty, Toffin Syrup, Toffin Seattle, Toffin Lite, Comprital, and many others.

Most recently, the company got straight into the B2C side and opened a modern Japanese style cafe inspired by the market leader in manual brew, Hario. Having first opened their first Hario Cafe in Tokyo, Japan, Toffin established a second cafe located in Pluit, North Jakarta, Indonesia.

Toffin also took part in starting the first digital coffee experience in Indonesia; KOPPI blends offline and online platform by selling affordable high-quality coffee through a mobile app. Most importantly, KOPPI sources its coffee beans directly from local coffee farmers.


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