ImpressionArtARTJOG MMXXII: Arts in Common - Expanding Awareness

ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts in Common – Expanding Awareness

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Taking place from 7 July 4 September 2022 at the Jogja National Museum, ARTJOG returned and presented the works of 61 individual artists and cross-generational groups along with various other educational programs held regularly during the festival.

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ARTJOG 2022 Expanding Awareness included a series of festivals, which since 2019 have been framed with the umbrella theme of arts-in-common. The curatorial selection and the design of educational programs cover a spectrum that tends to exist outside the ‘mainstream’ Indonesian arts scene, including art practiced by children, young adults and disabled communities.

At the opening of ARTJOG, those receiving the Young Artist Award ARTJOG MMXII: Arts in Common – Expanding Awareness were read out by artist Titarubi. Twelve artists were nominated for the Young Artist Award with various judging criteria such as exploration of the medium, ways of interpreting events and objects, the search and suspension of self-identity, the tension between subject and object, as well as contact with various disciplines outside of art or “non-artistic” practices which have changed perspectives or claims about what “art” is. Assessment of the winner is based on the suitability of the theme, exploration of the medium’s exploration, and the novelty in technique and presentation. Based on this perspective, three artists were selected and won with the best works in the competition. They were; Dzikra Afifah (Bandung) with The Principal within the Hollow – The Bardo – Living Revelation Series; Rizka Azizah Hayati (Yogyakarta) with Magical Crocodile; and Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (Yogyakarta) with Ghost Light.

ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts-in-Common Expanding Awareness presented a new sub-program as part of ARTJOG’s Weekly Performance, entitled Explanatory. This program was initiated to bring together works of art in exhibition rooms that practice the performing arts. The Explanatory program involved six performing artists who provided short research in July, then continued it into the process of creating performance works during the month of August. The results were presented in two forms, a show on 30 and 31 August 2022, and a Performance Lecture on 1 and 2 September 2022 at Pendhapa Ajiyasa.

This series of activities involved six performing artists and six works of art, presented at ARTJOG MMXXII. They were Rani Jambak (Padang) a music composer who reinterpreted Chitra Subyakto’s “Kisah Punah Kita”, As Far as the Eyes See; Wayan Sumahardika (Bali), theater director who revived Gilang Mustafa’s “Ladang Padi” with site specific performances and object theatre; Nanik Indarti (Yogyakarta), a theater director, together with the Unique Theater Project reinterpreted “Babad Wikara” by Jogja Disability Arts; Gendra Wisnu Buana (Tegal) music composer who makes collaborative performances of musical compositions and fashion shows in Asha Darra’s “Dalam Hitam”; Jamaluddien Latief (Jogja), a theater actor who works together with his son giving a participatory performance reinterpreting “Bento Please Cheer Me Up!” by Mulyana x Parti Gastronomy; and lastly, Puri Senja (Surabaya) who gave a dance performance that confronted Nadiah Bhamadhaj’s video “Terpesona dalam Kegelisahan”. The visual works seemed to be brought to life in a different way, with new interpretation spaces through dialogue, gestures, music, and dance. On 1-2 September 2022, the six Explanatory artists presented their work in the form of a Performance Lecture, in which the artists revealed the process of exploring, reinterpreting, and sharing their findings during the Explanatory program.

The ARTJOG MMXXII opened every day from 10 am to 9 pm and lasted for more than eight weeks, including several scheduled programs such as an Exhibition Tour, Meet the Artist, Weekly Performance, and Workshop.


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