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Delft is a small town in the south of the Netherlands. You should stop by and spend a day or two to experience its warm and friendly atmosphere. Every corner is a sight to behold, a pleasure to visit, and its modest size makes it comfortable to roam around on foot.

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Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church), completed in 1496. Located in Delft Market Square.
Feels like a food festival! Cuisine from various countries can be found in the city center. Eet smakelijk.
Murals of famous figures and characters from Delft.
There are many choices of boats if you want to explore the canals of Delft.
The wall of a beautifully decorated building.

Royal Delft Museum. The city is famous for its blue pottery.
De Porceleyne Fles, where the famous Royal Delft was made.
The craftsmanship of Royal Delft.
The garden at Museum Prinsenhof, Delft.
Prinsenkwartier. This creative industry center has a studio, art shop, gallery, and space for discussions and workshops.
Performing arts theater with a wide range of events held inside, including modern and classical concerts, dance, and comedy.
  1. Installation of various types of streetlights.

TU Delft, the highly respected university of technology.
TU Delft Library.
Sounds good! Various record stores of all sizes, available in the city center.
Even though it’s a small town, trams are available in Delft.
Yes, we do!


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