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From Ranch Market’s high-quality and nutritionally rich local and imported products to Farmers Market’s high-quality local products, PT Supra Boga Lestari TBK’s (the Company) Indonesia market presence is felt throughout Indonesia. Its mission is to always provide fresh and best high-quality food and service, paired with an innovative, world-class supermarket concept. The Company won 3 major awards in the 2022 Retail Asia Awards Store Design of the Year (Large), Supermarket of the Year, and Sustainability Initiative of the Year.

Engaged in modern retail trade, the Company was first established in 1997 – based on the Notarial Establishment Deed No. 34, 28 May 1997 – and to this date has never changed its name.

In 1998, its modern retail business started with its first supermarket opening – Ranch Market – under the Ranch Market USA franchise license. But the Company made adjustments to the pre-existing Ranch Market supermarket concept: to meet upper and upper-middle class Indonesian customer needs. From there, all future Ranch Market stores were opened in accordance with the Company’s original values and mission – best quality food, service and products, customer delight and satisfaction, employee happiness and excellence, and wealth through growth and profit creation.

In 2007, the company created Farmers Market, a new brand and supermarket concept, with wider area and more varied local products, aimed at the middle and upper-middle class customer market. In 2010, the Company entered a termination agreement with Ranch Market USA, entering a new license obtainment agreement – allowing for Ranch Market brand use in Indonesia, separate from USA. In 2019, two new brands were introduced – The Gourmet by Ranch Market and Day2Day by Farmers Market. The Gourmet is a premium supermarket concept with an upscale market share aim. While Day2Day’s intention is meeting the apartment and business customer-needs. In 2020, through subsidiaries, the Company presented the GetMyStore platform (a rebranding of the former platform) – an online shopping portal selling Ranch Market and Farmers Market products.

In September 2021, a Company shares transaction resulted in a majority share ownership change to PT Global Digital Niaga – also known as PT Global Digital Niaga now has 70.56% total ownership since December 2021. Additionally in 2021 the Company launched Farmers Family by Farmers Market, a new brand meeting lower-middle customer needs. As of December 31, 2021, the Company operated 70 stores across greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Gresik, Semarang, Dumai, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Balikpapan, Samarinda and Ambon. These stores consist of 18 Ranch Markets, 36 Farmers Markets, 2 The Gourmet by Ranch Market, 3 Day2Day by Farmers Market, and 11 Farmers Family by Farmers Market.

In terms of corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility, the Company is committed to actively organizing social activities – creating balance between economic interests and social awareness – and conducting responsibility programs – for local communities, the greater community, and the environment.

The Company also offers special online and offline hotels, restaurants, shops and more memberships – PRO TRUST (PROfessional TRUe STandard). PRO TRUST Members enjoy a customized shopping experience with exchange points, vouchers, and special Ranch Market prices.

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