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Granted, a majority of Jakartans would prefer to stay indoors with the comfort of a cool breeze from the air conditioner as the city is in perpetual summer. But, when the time is right and you’re in the mood for the outdoors, try one of these places that we have in mind.

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♦ Scientia Square Park, Serpong
Scientia Square Park (SQP) is a 7,500 m2 family recreational park which was intended by the developer, Summarecon, to be a center of activity for school and university students, as well as the people of Serpong and Jakarta. SQP offers an alternative means of entertainment for families to spend outside of the shopping malls of Jakarta and its satellite cities.

The green and modern facilities offer many outdoor activities such as a kids’ jungle gym with wall climbing, skate park, splash water park, R/C and ATV tracks, amphitheater, bamboo alley, mini rice paddy, petting zoo, and butterfly farm, as well as several F&B options. Scientia Square Park holds seasonal events and is open for special events such as birthday parties, pre-wedding photoshoots, and educational activities for children and young adults alike.


♦ Tebet Eco Park, South Jakarta
Run by the city government, Tebet Eco Park is dedicated to the community and the environment. Located in Tebet, South Jakarta and with an area of 7.3 Ha, Tebet Eco Park was revitalized as a green open space with jogging tracks, kiddies’ playground, and thematic areas. Two stretches of park separated by a street in the middle – North Tebet Park and South Tebet Park, have now become one integrated park that carries the concept of harmonization between ecological, social, educational and recreational functions. The park consists of 8 main zones and each zone is designed to play an important role in environmental sustainability and social interaction, starting from maintaining the natural quality of the environment to improving the quality of life for visitors and the surrounding community.

If you plan to stop by Tebet Eco Park, please be informed that an online registration through the JAKI smartphone app is necessary prior to the visit. Upon registration, you need to pick your time of visit (morning to early afternoon or afternoon to early evening), number of your group, contact, and physical address, as well as the names of the individuals in your group. It’s also important to note that all visitors must have at least 2 Covid vaccinations to be allowed entry.

♦ Angke Kapuk Mangrove Natural Tourism Park, North Jakarta
Initiated to restore the fragile Jakarta coastline, the Jakarta Mangrove Forest was reclaimed from makeshift dykes made for illegal fisheries which ruined the surrounding mangrove forest. The 99.82 Ha of wetland ecosystem is dominated by mangrove trees known for their characteristics of absorbing 5x more CO2 than tropical forests on the dryland.

The Mangrove Park also serves as a living barrier against tidal waves as the park is located next to settlements as well as a habitat and shelter for several types of wild animals. Apart from a walk among the mangrove trees, visitors can enjoy water-based activities such as canoeing, water-cycling or a speed boat ride. Visitors can also participate in the preservation of the forest by taking part in mangrove tree cultivation activities or spend a night or two in one of the lodgings.

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