NewsiROO Takes Jakarta

iROO Takes Jakarta

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Bearing its Taiwanese DNA, iROO is a fashion brand that lives in the spirit of revolution. iROO clothing and accessories are all designed by Taiwanese designers, merging the latest international fashion elements with Taiwanese cultural and artistic background, presenting a fashion style that best suits Asian people.

Knowing what matters for its customers, iROO looks to bring affordable high quality clothing from a wide range of fashion style. Instead of mass production, iROO offers wide variation of products. There will be new arrivals every week making it possible for people to wear new clothes everyday if they want to!

There will be no discount all year round at iROO, however. There will only be reasonable prices with guaranteed quality products, as this is how iROO has been making its breakthrough in the fashion industry.

iROO first store in Indonesia is open at the Pacific place, Jakarta, displaying the brand’s City Collection, Weekend Collection and Party collection in a friendly ambience.  iROO shop boasts an aesthetic design, luxurious yet minimalist and spacious enough to ensure that customers take pleasure in their shopping experience.