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Visuu Gallery: Reflection of Passion

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Vicky Supit is no stranger to design lovers in Jakarta and her achievements continue to grow with the opening  of VISUU Gallery. The gallery sees the designer pour her creativity into clothing design and different styles of home décor – which she has done tastefully, deriving inspiration from exotic countries around the world including Turkey and Indonesia. 

The grand opening of the gallery was marked with the launch of the VISUU Spring/Summer 2014 ready-to-wear and semi-couture collection. Debuting that same day was Vicky’ clothing line, Visuu, which is designed to accentuate the beauty of the female body: sensual, elegant and chic. 

Enchanted by the beauty and richness of Indonesian art, Vicky’s new collection is rendered entirely using traditional fabrics. Her loyalty to Indonesian art is shown in her allowing local designers to take part in her boutique.

International branded products are also available at the gallery, including Ottoman Empire jewelry from Turkey, clutches from Rag and Bone and shoes from Sergio Rossi and Nicholas Kirkwood. Also on display were home décor items such as jewelry boxes, mirrors, vases, tassels and much more. 


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