DowntimeReportAbsolut Elyx Presents: Number 9 ArantxaAdi 2015 Collections

Absolut Elyx Presents: Number 9 ArantxaAdi 2015 Collections

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Common vision and image of the luxury has brought together the two household names, ‘Absolut Elyx’ and ‘ArantxaAdi’ working together to deliver a night of luxury for those who understands the true meaning of quality. Entering its fourth year together, Absolut Elyx is back to present ‘Number 9 ArantxaAdi 2015 Collection’.

“ArantxaAdi’s works represent one of the top luxury fashion in Indonesia. This is in line with Absolut Elyx’s DNA of handmade luxury vodka,” Said EdhiSumadi, Managing Director of PernodRicard Indonesia before the show at Grand Ballroom Kempinski Hotel Indonesia, 10th of December 2014.

Featuring a total of 70 total looks divided in two sequences, each collection stands out in different colors, yet everything is still in one distinguishable characteristic of elegant woman with edgy, glamorous, sexy, and feminine tone. The first part of the collection unveiled bright colors such as green, peach, and white while the second sequence was dominated with sophisticated black ensemble.