ImpressionArtLaser Cutting, Incredible Way to Implement Your Design

Laser Cutting, Incredible Way to Implement Your Design

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As also found in the previous editions, you will see the front cover to this Inclover adorned with a sophisticated laser cut pattern. The medley of shapes of furnitures and home accesories represents the Interior Design theme for this edition. 

The meticulously crafted design was possible with the help of Gusto Sign, one of the pioneer in laser cutting technology in Indonesia, which utilizes laser to cut various materials guided with resolution digital files, rendering in higher accuracy results compared to other cutting methods. 

Laser cutting technology can be applied to a wide variety of materials, from paper, fabric, acrylic, and even wood. An array of products can be created with the help of this method, such as greeting cards, award trophies, merchandise, signage, accents for fashion products like clothing, shoes, to home decorations.

While laser cutting was initially used mainly for manufacturing industry, today the technology has helped designers in bringing their concepts to reality; from fashion items to wall partitions. Numerous design patterns that were thought impossible to create, or could only be done manually, can now be accomplished easily to befit your imagination.

An intricate lace or jewelry design will no longer be a problem for a Fashion Designer to produce. A Graphic Designer can play around with detailed patterns, on paper or other material. Interior Designers can now design and produce detailed design patterns for partition walls, ornaments, lampshades, curtains, art installation, wall clocks, decorative panels, or anything you can think of!

In this edition, we want to invite you to be creative with laser cutting technology for your home interior. Give a touch of floral, tribal, oriental, or any kind of patterns you want in different parts of your home. You can start experimenting on small accessories such as laser-cut acrylic frames to decorate the family room. When you are happy with the small changes, you can go a step higher with massive renovations such as replacing a wall between two rooms with laser-cut wood panels, making the room feel more spacious and bright.

Whether you are a designer or a design enthusiast, get in touch with Gusto Sign to create the design you’ve been dreaming of. In addition to laser cutting service, Gusto Sign also provides assistance in the making of signage, promotional displays, company profile video, TV commercial, digital signage and its contents.