NewsRaffles Jakarta Presents “A Journey through Nusantara”

Raffles Jakarta Presents “A Journey through Nusantara”

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Ramadan has always been the best moment to gather with your loved ones and what better way to do it over a sumptuous traditional breakfasting menu.  

This year at Raffles Jakarta, pampering their guest with culinary journey of the archipelago. Throughout Ramadan month in each week, Arts Café brings very best flavors from various region of Indonesia. The journey begins with the tropical dishes from Bali and Lombok in the first week of Ramadan, moves north to the authentic flavors of Sulawesi and Kalimantan in the second week. After that, get ready to enjoy the tantalizing tastes of Sumatra, before landing in Java for the final chapter of the culinary heritage tour. The journey culminates into the Eid Al Fitri brunch, when all the regions come together one last time, to create an epic feast celebrating the completion of the holy month.

On the first week, guest can savoring with the exquisite tropical dishes from the Island of The Gods from the delicate texture of Daging Katernak, to the flavorful Bebek Betutu and Udang Panggang Jimbaran, the diversity of authentic Balinese spices will make you feel the true spirit of the island. While on the second week, the very best that Sulawesi and Kalimantan will served, taste the passion and be thrilled by the central Indonesian cuisine. A rich assortment of traditional dishes such as Konro Daging Sapi, Ayam Rica-Rica, and have course the famous Nasi Manado.

The third week, the real taste of Sumatra are offered, with the captivating and delightful array of spices from the West of Indonesia, from Nasi Lemang, Sate Padang, to the a special twist of Shawarma with Bumbu Rendang.