NewsRamadan And IED Set Menu Celebration

Ramadan And IED Set Menu Celebration

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To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and IED Celebration, Palalada and Waroeng Kopi presented their special set menus.

This year, the Ramadan menu consists of traditional Indonesian menu, such as Kolak (traditional dessert with palm sugar and coconut cream) and Nasi Kuning Campur (Indonesian yellow rice) or Nasi Uduk (Betawi style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk dish) as the main course with side dishes such as Semur Iga Sapi Kentang (Indonesian stew), Gurame Goreng Sambal Mangga (fried gourami with mango sambal), Tempe Goreng Tepung (fried tempeh), Teri Kacang (anchovy with peanuts), Acar Kuning (vegetable pickle) dan Lalapan (raw vegetable salad).

For dessert, enjoy Es Palalada and Kolak (traditional dessert with palm sugar and coconut cream, guest also can enjoy Nasi Daun Jeruk served with side dishes, such as Empal Gepuk (Indonesian sweet and spicy fried beef), Ayam Woku Suwir (chicken woku), Sambal Goreng Udang (Prawn with chili sauce), Tempe Orek (tempeh stir fried with sweet soy sauce), Tumis Nangka Muda (sautéed young jackfruit) and Matah Sambal. For the dessert, they offer Serabi Es Puter.

For Eid Special Menu Palalada and Waroeng Kopi serves the famous Ketupat served with Rendang Bukittinggi (spicy meat dish originated from Bukittinggi, West Sumatra), Ayam Opor Sambal Ijo (chicken cooked in coconut milk with green chili sambal), and many more. For dessert, try the Es Palalada and Es Buah Segar or Es Timun Suri and Pudding Tape Ijo Santan.