NewsWHY WAIT , With Jose Cuervo

WHY WAIT , With Jose Cuervo

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Jose Cuervo®, the world’s longest-running tequila brand introduced the best experiences to delight in tequila through the launch of its newest campaign ‘WHY WAIT’ in Morrissey Hotel Jakarta Indonesia. 

At this event, Jose Cuervo presents the Sensación de Frío area, where customers can enjoy Jose Cuervo Tradicional in a chilly room. In addition, Jose Cuervo also presents Cuervo Squeeze global drink, as well as special beverages available only for this event, WHY WAIT Paloma.

Another innovation is the collaboration with Pastry Chef Charins Chang to create chocolates using Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia to produce an exceptional and authentic taste.

Jose Cuervo® brand possesses an aspirational psyche for its consumers, because not only creating tequila, Jose Cuervo® also never stops improving consumers’ experience in savouring tequila.

Such venture is what ‘WHY WAIT’ campaign carries on, the authentic spirit and intensity that Jose Cuervo® is all about. If one aims to pioneer and innovate, there is no more perfect moment than to do it now!