NewsFKY 30 (Yogyakarta Arts Festival) Held Its Opening Parade

FKY 30 (Yogyakarta Arts Festival) Held Its Opening Parade

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The opening parade of FKY 30 “Mesemeleh” was packed in carnival mask. Around 29 contingents from different art, culture and region participated in the opening parade.

Traditional Javanese music, gamelan, accompanied the opening of the parade along with Yogyakarta’s classic traditional dance namely, Sekar Pudyastuti. The festival also involved local and international artists who created diverse yet creative arts. Furthermore, the festival is expected to raise awareness to society to appreciate more about local art and culture.

FKY 30 will be held for 18 days  and ended on 9 August 2018. The festival will be filled with various interesting programs, such as art and culture activities at certain points in Yogyakarta.

The curator of FKY 30 for art and cultural activities are Hendra Priyadhani and Arham Rahman (Fine Arts), Satya Bramantya (Art MArket), Andika Indrayana (Creative), Adi Adriandi (Music), Ibed Surgana Yuga (Theater), Anter Asmorotedjo (Dance), and Sudaryanto (Traditional Art).

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