NewsMinistry of Tourism Indonesia and Collaboration

Ministry of Tourism Indonesia and Collaboration

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Global travel platform announced a collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia to support the growth of inbound tourism while improving the capabilities of local hospitality businesses. Now there’s a widget integrated into Indonesia’s official travel website, Indonesia.Travel, available for visitors from Germany, England, France, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Taiwan. This way, potential travelers can directly look for their accommodations, flights and transportations and taken to a Wonderful Indonesia landing page on with exclusive promotions. This way, they will get easy access to the platform’s 23.400 registered properties in Indonesia, 24/7 customer service, trustworthy customer reviews and flexible booking features. is also holding workshops in 10 cities throughout Indonesia’s prime travel destinations. Local hospitality businesses will be taught to create attractive online contents with high engagement, understand online marketplace and its trends, set online rate and many more. Nia Niscaya, Deputy Minister for Marketing II represented the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia while Angel Llull Mancas, Vice President and Managing Director represented for the announcement.

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