NewsJakarta Aquarium introduces New and Unique Collections

Jakarta Aquarium introduces New and Unique Collections

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Weird and unique creatures are the latest members of Jakarta Aquarium. The brainy and beautiful Giant Pacific Octopus, which can solve complex puzzles and play with toys, can also squeeze into spaces smaller than a bottle cap. With its camouflaging abilities, the octopus can change their skin color and texture to blend in with their surroundings, so you have to look for it among the rocks and algae. The next one is the Giant Isopod, known as sea cockroach or even Darth Vader isopod, is a close relative of shrimp and crab living in the deep sea. It can live for more than 5 years without food and sense the surroundings with their two antennas.

Looking pretty but extremely dangerous are the Flower Hat Jellyfish, which earned its name from the flower-like shape of it’s body. Instead of swimming around, it often latched onto a plant and waited until the preys are within range of its brilliant, multicolored tentacles, before ensnaring and digesting them inside their translucent body. Meanwhile two types of seadragons are also on view, Leafy Seadragon and Weedy Seadragon. They looked similar to seahorses in terms of size and body shape, but have features that allows them to blend among weeds or algaes, which are their only mean of survival against many predators.  

With the new collections, Jakarta Aquarium continues with its mission to provide the best for preservation, conservation and edutainment to all ages, focusing to ask all guests to explore the wealth of diversity and culture they have on offer.

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