NewsEuropean Union Launches #GenerationRestoration Movement through Talk Show "EU Environment Day 2021"

European Union Launches #GenerationRestoration Movement through Talk Show “EU Environment Day 2021”

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The virtual talk show was conducted in conjunction with celebrating World Environment Day and themed “Restoring the Earth’s Ecosystem”. This event is expected to increase more awareness of the importance of preserving our forests, seas and biodiversity for the restoration of the earth’s ecosystem. In addition the #GenerationRetoration challenge is carried out from June 4 to July 4, 2021 with mention or tag to @uni_eropa instagram to share inspirations to others. 

Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor for Environment, Climate Action, Digital of the EU Delegation to Indonesia, said, “World Environment Day is a reminder for us to always preserve the earth. The European Union takes part by involving the general public, especially young people, in the global #GenerationRestoration movement. Ecosystem restoration can start anywhere. We need to involve multiple parties to take action and make smart choices so as to increase our role in restoring

In the Talk Show session, environmental activists, experts and public figures shared their experiences about the smart innovations they had implemented. In urban areas, the General Chair of Bike to Work, Poetoet Soedarjanto, pushed for policies to realise green transportation. Meanwhile, Ajeng Kartika Sari, representing the EMPU Sustainable Fashion and founder of Lestari & Iconic Kid, said that clothing materials also contribute to destroying the ecosystem, therefore we must be wise at choosing materials that are safe for the environment. Musician and researcher, Rara Sekar raised the issue of the importance of using narrow land at home for farming or known as urban farming. On the forest and coastal sector, Hari Kushardanto, Program Director of RARE Indonesia, said that the food we consume has a huge impact on the ecosystem, especially marine sustainability, it is important to continuously campaign for responsible fishing practices. Meanwhile, Christian (Manager of the Forest Is Indonesia) emphasised that protecting forests is part of our duty because tropical rain forests in Indonesia are ranked as the third largest in the world. On the Maritime sector, Nadine Chandrawinata, founder of the Seasoldier, highlighted the poor sea conditions because they are filled with plastic waste. “Educational activities to increase public awareness about the cleanliness of the sea, continue to be carried out both at sea and on land. Young people in particular must continue to fight to maintain Indonesia as a marine country, so that it can be recognised as a clean country and cares about our own waste,” concluded Nadine.

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