NewsBe the first to experience Bandung's brand new property, The Gaia Hotel...

Be the first to experience Bandung’s brand new property, The Gaia Hotel Bandung.

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The Gaia Hotel Bandung rises 16 levels above the mountain valley with its commanding architecture, promising to deliver more than the expected of a five-star hotel. 
The Gaia Hotel Bandung boasts 280 rooms with a balcony, allowing you to enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful views of the city or the mountains. Engage in some light creative activities, exercise or enjoy the wide range of entertainment on IPTV. The free minibar is stacked with snacks and hot as well as cold beverages. From a comfortable 35 m2 to a luxurious 105 m2, single, family, or group travellers will find the most comfortable accommodation for their business or leisure needs. 
A stay at The Gaia Hotel Bandung is like spending a holiday in a snug modern village with choices suitable for adults and children.

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