WanderlustOdysseyAwann Sewu Boutique Hotel & Suite: A Beautiful Day in Semarang

Awann Sewu Boutique Hotel & Suite: A Beautiful Day in Semarang

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Just like it’s iconic simpang lima roundabout, Semarang is a melting pot where culture, history, architecture, food, and art meld together.

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Located just under three hours from Central Java’s other top destinations like Yogyakarta, Solo, and Salatiga, many consider Semarang the most important hub that connects them all, a stopover city where you take a break and reassess. It is also a perfect place to spend 24 hours.

For the longest time, just like a lot of other colonial remnants in many parts of the country, much of Semarang’s historic building was neglected. But today, a tour around its old quarter allows you to see how the city has started to finally spruce things up and revive some of its architectural gems. Spend your morning here while that famous coastal sun hasn’t quite reached its peak and walk back in time.

For lunch, explore some of Semarang’s most iconic jajanan like Tahu Pong, Tahu Gimbal, or Lumpia Semarang, many of which can be found in Jalan Gajahmada or Jalan Pandanaran. Next, a visit to Semarang won’t be complete without a stop to Semarang’s most famous destination, Lawang Sewu, an icon that gets its name from its grand design and numerous doors and arcs.

After a full day of exploring, just a short walk away from Lawang Sewu, stands a hotel that honors its unique colonial past, yet indulges its patrons in modern comfort: AWANN Sewu Boutique Hotel & Suite. With its art-deco interior decor, this unique hotel gives a nod to one of the most exciting periods of architecture that ever made its mark in the country. Definitely a perfect spot to retire, without having to go far from the city centre.

The beauty of this hotel is clearly in the detail, too. The hotel’s 73 rooms are all beautifully designed and furnished with modern amenities and comforts like premium toiletries, HD Smart TVs and rain shower bathrooms.

For dinner, if you don’t feel too adventurous and prefer a more sophisticated meal, you can head downstairs to WAGA, which stands for Western Asian Gourmet Authentic that offers a multi-cultural fine dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy comforting international fare or Indonesia’s finest culinary treats like Beef Oxtail Soup or Bebek Goreng Crispy.

To finish the day, head up to the 10th floor’s Anqkasa Rooftop & Pool Bar which offers panoramic views of the city like no other. See if you can spot Semarang’s landmarks or even the Mount Ungaran from afar. A day well spent indeed.



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