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While travelling can either be for business or pleasure one thing is for sure, there are certain things that we never leave home without.

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Maybe you are going on a long-haul flight during the holidays for a fun-filled family vacation or going out of town to attend an important meeting. Whatever the reason, there are many things that you can bring along with you during your travels to help, guide, or keep you relaxed. We all know that travelling can be frustrating, tiring, and uncomfortable sometimes. Thankfully, these nuisances have solutions.

Travelling to a new country means looking for food that will be familiar to your stomach compared to the intimidating local cuisine. Perhaps, you are seeking out a certain art museum but can’t understand the local language or the street signs? Planning on visiting tourist attractions but dislike long queues and want good deals? The solution for you might be as easy as downloading an app on your mobile device.

Taking a flight and all you want is some peace and quiet from the plethora of noises in the cabin? Have you found yourself wanting to charge your mobile device only to find out that your charger doesn’t match the electrical socket? Maybe, you are outside of your accommodation and in need of directions only to find out that your phone is almost out of charge? There are gadgets that come in perfectly handy for these kinds of situations.

Be it the latest apps to guide you or the latest gadgets to help you become more comfortable, here are some examples of must-haves to consider on your next trip.


Noise cancelling headphones function by blocking background noise leaving you free to listen to the music that you love, effortlessly reducing the sounds we hear as we go about our everyday lives. But they’re even more useful for ambient noise, the noises that are repetitive and longer lasting. Examples are the hum of an air conditioner when you’re relaxing at a cafe or the whirring of engines in an airplane cabin. Check out the Sony WH-1000XM4 if you want the best the market has to offer.


A travel adapter allows you to take your device and plug into an outlet which has holes that may differ to those you have at home. Many of today’s devices, like newer laptops, mobile phones and tablets, are dual voltage, so you don’t need a travel converter or charger when in foreign countries. Most of the time, you will only need a travel adapter but, in some cases, you may need a voltage converter (also known as a travel charger) too. You might want to consider the Zendure Passport III for your travel adapter as it can quickly charge 6 devices at a time, satisfying all gadget-laden travelers.


A portable charger designed to be able to recharge your devices on the go, having some extra juice for your mobile device is always handy, especially when you’re about to land in a new city or country. However, if you’re planning on bringing a power bank on the plane, you should check the specs first because there are restrictions on the kind that you can carry. As long as you see “3.6V” or “3.7V” and a number lower than 28,000 mAh on the power bank, odds are good that it is plane-friendly. The Anker PowerCore 13000 is a tried and tested power bank that almost everybody loves.


The world’s largest travel website, TripAdvisor has millions of travel reviews, pictures and maps enabling users to have a personal travel guide at their fingertips. From finding the best hotels and resorts, amazing restaurants, great destinations, and fun things to do everywhere in the world, all those are available through the app. Booking for your favorite hotels, restaurants, and flights are made easier and are now just a tap away.


An activity booking platform that focuses on travel-related services, Klook offers its users access to an easy booking system where you will find most of the tickets to places that you want to visit but at a cheaper price. You can also book tours, airport transfers, railway, bus and ferry tickets, restaurant, and hotel bookings just to name a few. Skip the queue for tickets on your next theme park visit, book a full body spa in Bali, get the railway pass that covers the whole of Japan, or visit art museums in Singapore, get them all through Klook and be amazed at their discounted prices.




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