ImpressionArtArt Moments Jakarta Online 3: Sustaining Indonesia's Art Ecosystem

Art Moments Jakarta Online 3: Sustaining Indonesia’s Art Ecosystem

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Art Moments Jakarta aims to not only sustain the art ecosystem in Indonesia, but also to pave the way for the future.

Art Moments, one of the leading art fairs in Indonesia, was founded by several Indonesian art collectors and demonstrates once again that they are sustaining the art ecosystem in Indonesia and paving the way for the future. Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 (AMJO 3) returned with a hybrid concept showcasing more than 1,200 artworks from 52 art galleries worldwide, bringing together local and international art galleries to connect, educate, present their collections, and begin a collaboration. Mr Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, officiated the opening ceremony on 9 June 2022 at Art:1 Museum Jakarta.

“Art Moments Jakarta will continue to take part in the art community, staying true to our vision, supporting Indonesian artists, gallery owners, art enthusiasts, and collectors, and boosting their popularity in the international art scene,” Sendy Widjaja, Fair Director and Co-Founder of Art Moments Jakarta said in his opening speech. Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 took place in a hybrid format, with both offline and online events. The offline event was held at Art:1 New Museum from 9 to 12 June 2022, while the online art fair was available from 10 June to 31 August 2022 via

Yuana Rochma Astuti, Creative Economic Marketing Director of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, and Dody Santosa Iswan, Senior Vice President of Transaction Banking Business BCA, also attended the Grand Opening event. The Jakarta Philharmonic Orchestra Children’s Choir opened the event with W. R. Supratman’s original three-stanza Indonesia Raya. The choir, which includes children aged 6 to 15, is part of the Jakarta Philharmonic Orchestra, which is led by Neneng Rahardja and Aminoto Kosin. Several numbers were performed throughout the opening ceremony.

Yuana opened Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 with a brush stroke on a white canvas, followed by Sendy Widjaja, Dody Santosa Iswan, Rizki Zaelani, and Monica Gunawan, Managing Director of Art:1 New Museum. Mira Hoeng later completed the painting as a whole. Many art and fashion enthusiasts were invited to the Party at The Museum, a mix of fashion and art events organized by Art Moments Jakarta and P&N Studio. Guests were welcome to explore the art space during this time.

AMJO 3 took it to the next level by bringing the Museum of Toys, who after making their debut in the NFT world with the release of Karafuru, brought the web 3 experience to the web 2 context at Art Moments Jakarta Online 3, through the introduction of Kong Andri’s real-life sculpture and presentation of sculptures from well-known artists such as Eko Nugroho, Naufal Abshar, Arkiv Vilmansa, Flab Slab, Abiebi, and Redmiller Blood.

There were also special presentations by I Made Wianta, which transposed the artist’s journey in the 9 periods of his artworks in his tribute, as the start of Wianta Foundation’s education commitment with Galeri Zen1. Last but not least, guests could enjoy works by Nyoman Nuarta, the legendary sculptor whose works would be on display by Linda Gallery for discerning Art Aficionados.

Photo by Stephanie Mamonto & Art Moments Jakarta’s Documentation 


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