SavvyWardrobeRefresh your fragrance collection with BIES!

Refresh your fragrance collection with BIES!

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In need of a new signature scent? Look no further than these latest additions to the BIES fragrance collection!

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BIES is a European perfume brand for women and men, which has won over 150 awards from the cosmetics industry around the world. Established in 1996, BIES is made from the best natural ingredients with a distinct and unique aroma sensation. In everyday life, perfume can represent the identity of each person. BIES invites you to explore different scent variants in each BIES series that can be matched to your activities and personality, tailor-made to different individual needs. Moreover, BIES provides luxury perfumes with elegant & long-lasting scents, attractive packaging, and an affordable price for perfume lovers. More than just a complimentary product, perfume has the power to accentuate your outfit and make you unforgettable, make it your Scent of The Day, a #SOTD that needs to have its own spotlight.

Currently, BIES Indonesia has more than 20 variants with new products launched this year. Here we introduce five new BIES fragrances with its distinct aroma and elegant bottle to suit your daily occasions; Très Belle (EDP 100ml) which is perfect for special occasions, Intense (EDP 100ml) for confidence boost, Eau De Sicily (EDP 100ml) for a laid back afternoon, Cyberman (EDT 100ml) for a feel-good energy, Salt Lake (EDT 100ml) for every day wear. From morning till late night, the new BIES fragrance is perfect to suit your mood.


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