DowntimeReportAdirasa Nusantara for Indonesian Culinary Preservation

Adirasa Nusantara for Indonesian Culinary Preservation

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The Indonesian culinary products exhibition, “Adirasa Nusantara”, was successfully held at Jakarta Convention Center where it took place from August 10 to 14, 2022. Under the theme, “Cita Rasa Indonesia” (Indonesian Rich Flavor), Adirasa Nusantara 2022 was inaugurated by Rachmat Gobel, Vice Chairman of The House of Representatives of The Republic of Indonesia. Products featured at the event included local spices, tea, coffee, chocolate and more as Adirasa Nusantara 2022 aimed to create new business opportunities for micro, small, and medium-scale culinary businesses.

The event was expected to preserve Indonesian authentic cuisine for the younger generation by presenting a variety of delicious traditional dishes with their distinctive tastes. 120 F&B entrepreneurs participated over the 5 days, encouraging Adirasa Nusantara to plan to hold this inspiring food event annually where it can continue to deliver innovative programs for every culinary entrepreneur and food lover.




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