WanderlustSavorHeaven Really Does Exist at Igor’s Pastry.

Heaven Really Does Exist at Igor’s Pastry.

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Igor’s Pastry always strive to provide delicious delectables that you can feel good about eating. Established in 2001, Igor’s Pastry produces a mouth-watering range of pastry and bakery, all free from gluten, sugar, eggs and dairy, along with other healthy options catering to anyone with a sweet tooth and certain diet. One of the staple products is the bread selection, carrying a variety of bread flavours that all boast a light, fluffy texture and delicious homemade taste. Cookies at Igor’s Pastry are soft, chewy, pull-apart goodness making them one of the best you will find. Each cake is baked with skill and care before being decorated by hand to make delicious and beautiful works of art! A large selection of flavours and custom made cakes to order adds to the enjoyment of all of your favourite treats. Browse your favorites at Igor Pastry’s outlets spreas across Surabaya.


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