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Marking the 13th-anniversary RiaMiranda designer presents “Minang Decade”, the 10th-year Minang Heritage collection celebration by RiaMiranda. As a well-known fashion designer who consistently explores Minang heritage in her collection, RiaMiranda plays a significant role in presenting Indonesian fashion culture even to the international market. Throughout her previous Minang Heritage journey up to 2023, this year Ria showcased Minang Dekade, a celebration of ten years of the Minang Heritage collection. During her 13 years of fashion journey, the RiaMiranda collection was inspired by the land of her birthplace, the land of Minang.

The Minang collection was first presented by Ria in 2012 at Jakarta Fashion Week and was well-received by the public. Showcasing the ten years of the Minang collection journey, RiaMiranda held a mini exhibition at Main Atrium PIM2 to bring back the spirit of Minang to the public, along with a fashion show and various exciting workshops.

“My designs are always attached to Minang culture. Because Minang, with its beautiful culture and traditions, always has a story. Even the carvings on Rumah Gadang have a meaning that inspires my collection this year,” said Ria Miranda, Creative Director of the RiaMiranda brand.

In 2023 a different concept to mark the 10-year journey of the RiaMiranda brand symbolized with Rumah Gadang carving, with detailed wooden carvings encircling the walls, such as Daun Puluik-Puluik, Tupai Managun, Caraso Kanso, Singo Mandongkak Jo Takuak Kacang Goreang, Siriah Gadang, and Bunga Panca Matahari Jo Rantak Malam. In addition to lifting patterns from different objects, this year’s Minang collection is also distinct in styles of cutting, proportion, and tone color. The carvings taken from the Rumah Gadang have a traditional style which the RiaMiranda team then translates into a modern look that features hand-painting, A-Line silhouette, pleats, embroidery, sequins, and printed fabric details. The collection is varied into 27 articles from regular to the signature collection, daily wears, tote bags, and accessories, as well as a limited edition signature scarf as the representation of the 9 motifs of the Minang heritage journey that is only available at RiaMiranda Pondok Indah Mall 2 store.

“Inspired by the details of the Gadang House wood carving during a visit to the Adityawarman Museum in Padang, the carving concept follows the proverb “Alam takambang jadi guru”, which means everything presented in the universe is a gift from the Creator. I hope this will inspire me to consistently promote West Sumatra’s cultural diversity through the Minang Heritage campaign,” said Ria.

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