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Museum MACAN and UOB Presents ‘Kembara Biru’ a Collaborative Children’s Art Room Exhibition by Theresia Agustina Sitompul

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Museum MACAN recently launched the newest UOB Children’s Art Room exhibition, featuring senior Indonesian graphic artist, Theresia Agustina, an Indonesian graphic artist. Theresia is well-known for her outstanding graphic arts exploration, drawing and installation skills.

The Children’s Art Room is titled: Kembara Biru, in response to shifting of activities due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. A home becomes a multi-function place, a place to socialize, an office, and a school. This multi-function role is also translated with her switching roles as a mother, a teacher and an artist. The social distancing has transformed some areas inside the house too. It has transformed the dining or living area into an imaginative area, where children and families can interact and learn in a safe environment.


By using carbon paper as the main artistic material with small everyday objects such as buttons and bandages, Theresia encourages children to take a moment and step away from their digital screens and explore their surroundings to find creativity by creating things with their own hands. Theresia believes that even in a pandemic situation, we all can work by utilizing the simplest materials to express our creativity.


The exhibition features physical installations and a number of activities at the MACAN Museum, as well as a range of online activities that can be explored at home and in the classroom. Visitors to the exhibition will find an installation of a large soft sculpture made of a mixture of materials and light fabric. By taking a cloud-like shape, inspired by a shirt with multiple sleeves and collars. Visitors can touch and feel the fabric installation. In this exhibition hall, there will be a number of paper clouds, which is a recurring theme throughout an installation that symbolizes unlimited imagination, days full of happiness and hope. This enormous cloud formation has a transparent pocket, where visitors are encouraged to post or stick his/her creativity made in Museums and at school/home by using available paper and carbon paper materials.

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