NewsARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur - Jakarta Provides Electricity Vehicle Charging Station for Public

ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta Provides Electricity Vehicle Charging Station for Public

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Along with the increasing trend of electric vehicles in Indonesia, especially in big cities, ARTOTEL Group sees the opportunity and recently announced ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta become one of the first hotels in Jakarta to have a public electric vehicle charging station in collaboration with EVcuzz, as electric vehicle charging service provider in Indonesia.

Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, Chief Operating Officer of ARTOTEL Group, said “This collaboration with EVcuzz is one of the implementations of the sustainable program (ESG)
of our company to protect the environment by reducing air pollution. By providing this facility for the public, we hope the hotel will become a hub for electric vehicle owners, both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta, not only for recharging but also as a choice of accommodation and meeting places for both for business purposes and casual gatherings. Furthermore, EVcuzz will also be available at several other hotels managed by ARTOTEL Group, one of which will be in Bali soon in conjunction with the upcoming G20 Presidency which will be held in October 2022.”

Abdul Rahman Elly, Chief Executive Officer of EVcuzz Charging Network said, “As a national electric vehicle charging station provider and operator, EVcuzz is committed together with the government to provide the charging stations nationwide. This year targeting 500 locations in Java-Bali and continues to grow every year to exceed 25,000 locations in 2030.”
This charging station facility is available 24 hours in the parking area of ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta. Drivers can do self-charging or self-service by connecting to the EVCuzz app which can be downloaded at Google Play and the App Store.