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Many of the most spectacular places in Magelang also happen to be popular holiday destinations that help you to refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

If proof was needed that Magelang is the haven of adventure holidays, follow us and discover the ultimate, active adventure that is Magelang! From outdoor activities to cultivation spots, you’re sure to find your perfect experience.

Fun Jeep Tour at Ketep Pass

With off road riding, nature and fantastic views of Magelang and its surrounding mountain range that includes Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing and Menoreh hills, this jeep safari tour will be an unforgettable memory for adventure seekers in Magelang. The starting point of this amazing journey is Ketep Pass, a place where you can also enjoy a variety of interesting activities from watching traditional dance performances, a Merapi documentary, and witness the impressive majesty of Mount Merapi and Merbabu. The tour continues along challenging river and waterfall routes that may trigger your adrenaline rush. To unwind from the tense yet fun journey, enjoy delicious coffee at Ketep Pass’ highest hill.

Sunrise at Silancur Highland

Each morning, especially on holiday, we hesitate as to whether we should curl up in the covers or jump out of the bed to start our day. But, when in Magelang, you always have a reason to get out of bed as you just have to watch the sunrise in the Silancur Highland. Sipping from a cup of warm tea or coffee, while immersing yourself in the beautiful gradation of the colors of the clouds waiting for the sun to come up, is one of those life moments that you will be eternally grateful for.

Harvesting at Mangli Sky View

When city living becomes boring, with the hustle and bustle of life with its traffic, pollution, and noise, this unique experience takes you close to nature and we guarantee you will find it refreshing. At Mangli Sky View, you are invited to enjoy your breakfast or snacks while amidst a backdrop of farming on hills with the chance to join in and farm and harvest the vegetables of your choice. Just don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of this lifetime experience!

VW Tour around Borobudur area

Photo by: HAM

Borobudur Temple is not the only destination that you can visit in Magelang. Tour around in a colorful, vintage Volkswagen and feel the cool breeze in your face. The driver-slash-guide will take you to wonderful places, such as Omah Mbudur where you can dine on traditional foods typical of Magelang, and watch traditional dance and even learn the dance with the performers. Perhaps, take a sip of the finest coffee at Pawon Luwak Coffee, witness the amazing Queen Bee and her army at the Ashfa Honey Bee Farm, or try different types of foods made out of mushrooms and see how these fungi are cultivated at Jamur Borobudur.

These all-in-activity packages can be found while staying at the Atria Hotel Magelang. If you have any inquiries, reach out via email on [email protected] or simply visit parador-hotels.com

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