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Sean Wotherspoon X Vespa: Designed to Impress

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An amalgamation of a heritage marvel and a vivid contemporary color scheme.

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As an everlasting brand icon, Vespa constantly evokes joy and spirit in its designs. The core character of Vespa is deeply rooted in its rich heritage that emanates from each of its products and models and this year, while keeping it intact, took initiative to go hand in hand with contemporary fashion trends. The endeavor took the form of a collaboration with one of America’s youth street fashion idols, Sean Wotherspoon. Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon is a special limited-edition Vespa Primavera bursting with radiant colors and pure energy. Vespa has always been synonymous with innovation and proves this once again as it rides the wave of one of the biggest current trends, streetwear.

Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon’s signature steel body is adorned with curated colors inspired by the 80s and carefully selected to represent both Vespa and Sean’s worlds. Yellow is chosen as the base dominant color to represent energy and dynamism, accompanied with red, dark green and navy blue. The light brown ribbed velvet corduroy seat is decorated with the Sean Wotherspoon trim and logo and which is embroidered on the left side. The silhouette is also made different with features such as the front “necktie” white inserts, Vespa logos on the wheel rim and side skirts. The front view is finished with chromium accents for the headlights, frame and luggage rack, and a passenger grab handle on the back. For the foot step, Sean experimented with a rubber material colored in deep blue the inspiration for which came from sneaker soles, one of his signature fashion items.


Aditya Purwanto
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