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Dr. Martha M.L. Siahaan, MARS, M H. Kes., CEO Premier Bintaro Hospital: To Be Successful, Chase your Purpose

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As part of Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care network in Indonesia, whose corporate vision is ‘People Caring for People’, the Premier Bintaro Hospital was opened on 12 October 1998 and ever since has continuously excelled in delivering its services and facilities in all health fields. The hospital is committed to providing the best, high-quality health services in the region. With international accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International), it was the first hospital in Indonesia to be accredited using the latest JCI standard (fourth edition).

Dr. Martha was appointed as the new CEO of Premier Bintaro Hospital in May 2020. She joined the management at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Indonesia. Her assignment is an executive role in the hospital managerial level and healthcare sector, to ensure that every patient is receives the care and comfort they expect along with optimum solutions related to their health concerns. Dr Martha also wants to better educate and make the public aware of the importance of good health.  With the growth in private hospitals in the region, she also built an extensive network with other hospitals and health providers to better serve the public as partners and increase the hospital’s brand awareness and reputation.

Dr. Martha has a professional background and experience in hospitals or medical facilities that started in early 2000 as a general practitioner in various local and private hospitals. Being a doctor was her childhood dream, a noble profession helping others for the sake of humanity. Since then, she had been a leader in most of her medical roles. This encouraged her to nurture her managerial education in Hospital Administration and graduated with a Master of Hospital Administration in 2009. In 2012 Dr. Martha resigned from her general practitioner role and continued to pursue managerial positions such as Marketing Manager, Service and Medical Support Manager and Director. With her strong passion, she continued to develop her knowledge and graduated with Master of Health Law in 2013. In order to better support her current role as CEO, which require her to carry out an executive role in businesses, across markets, communities and public, she is currently taking a Bachelor Degree in Law. She is also an active member of Management of the Jakarta Metropolitan Hospital Association (IRSJAM) in Business Development and the Education Training Compartment, Management of Hospital Administrations Masters Association (IKAMARS) as Chairperson of the Organization and Law Division, and Management of the Indonesian Health Society Law as Chairperson of the Hospital and Insurance Law Division. 

As a proud wife and mother of two teenagers, Dr. Martha has always put family as the first priority since her children were babies. She often brought her sons to the office, so they were familiar with her profession and environment. Eventually, being a working mom and with all the struggles, these have brought discipline, independence and education to the children. She considers herself blessed in both her career and family life. This gratitude lead to her deep passion in people caring for people, which is also her personal and career philosophy.

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