MotionPursuitFullerton Health Group: Affordable & Accessible Healthcare in Asia

Fullerton Health Group: Affordable & Accessible Healthcare in Asia

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Health has become even more precious for all ages of people, especially facing the unprecedented global pandemic of Covid-19. Being healthy and having a strong immune system to defeat the corona virus is now our daily battle in the new normal. Having committed to providing healthcare that is affordable and accessible, Fullerton Health Group offers its healthcare one-stop service solutions.

Since Fullerton Health was founded in Singapore in 2011, over the years of operation, the healthcare network has continuously  expanded as a leading integrated healthcare provider in Asia-Pacific. Fullerton Health have served more than 26,000 companies and more than 10 million people, and have built a network of more than 500 self-owned medical centers with more than 4,300 employees who mostly are medical professionals and doctors. Now, Fullerton Health facilities are available in countries across the Asia Pacific region, spreading from Singapore to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Apart from these countries, Fullerton Health also continuously extends their services through a network of reputable partner health centers.

With a strong vision in providing affordable and accessible healthcare, Fullerton Health successfully entered the Indonesian market in 2016 and now Fullerton Health Indonesia is the only integrated healthcare company in Indonesia, offering a one-stop corporate service for medical check-ups, occupational health services, third-party administration and managed care services, medical assistance, and evacuation services, as well as other speciality health services.

The primary care ranges from COVID-19 Tests, General Practitioner Services, Executive Health Screening Services, Insurance Medical Health Screening, Executive Health Screening, On-site Health Screening (at corporate clients’ premises), Vaccination Services, Occupational Health Services, Employment-related Services, Work Fitness and Specialist Assessments, Injury Management, Rehabilitation and Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Screening, and Health Surveillance to identify potential health and medical issues, as well as other Health and Wellness Programmes.

Handling corporate clients with an on-site business requires round-the-clock medical assistance and evacuation for local and international employees inside and outside Indonesia. For this service, Fullerton Healthcare Indonesia brings together a multilingual team of doctors, nurses and case managers who are available 24 hours a day, and offer this service in three detailed and comprehensive packages that reflect different levels of need. Another service offered is remote medical services where the combination of 20 years of experience and the knowledge of the on-the-ground situation in Indonesia helps Fullerton Health Indonesia to provide support for oil & gas, and mining industries with remote site facilities, manpower, equipment and management including medical staffing, first aid training and others.





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