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Garmin User Health Data in Asia 2021 Report

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The global pandemic has created significant changes in our lifestyle. In the long term, this can lead to serious conditions, such as obesity, digestive problems, hair loss or even hyperglycemia, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, it is important to maintain good metabolism, the key to a healthy body.

Garmin as the pioneer brand of GPS navigation and latest wireless devices, with more than 60 million active users all over the world on healthcare technology to accurately track users data which can help health conscious users to achieve their health goal efficiently.

The Garmin User Health Data in Asia 2021 Report tracks data from January to September, which shows data of users with higher average “weekly intensity”, consuming more calories, not only active calories but also resting calories. This matter shows the importance of exercise in maintaining a good metabolism. Still from the report, it reveals that the “resting calories” of men and women in Asia decreased significantly in the age range of 55 years and over. Older users’ log shows more “weekly intensity minutes” compared to the average younger users. In conclusion, the older users are now more health conscious, as they get older, they become more aware of the importance of starting an active lifestyle.

One of the trends observed across Asia, from the “weekly intensity minutes” it is found that the older population is greater than the younger population. In conclusion, as the users get older, they are willing to invest more time in regular exercise. 

Scoppen Lin, Senior Director, GARMIN Asia, said “GARMIN encourages the users to really pay attention to their health conditions by using a scientific approach, maintaining a good metabolism and achieving their health goals progressively using smartwatch as a health companion tool and the fitness they need.”

In addition to monitoring important health functions related to metabolic rate, such as calories rest and active calorie consumption, Garmin smartwatches have great battery life and are equipped with with comprehensive health monitoring features, including heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress level, advanced sleep monitoring, body energy, fitness age, hydration tracking and many other essential health functions.

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