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Accor hotels in Greater Jakarta partner with Diversey and Emmanuel Foundation in Linens For Life Programme

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In conjunction with the major annual event of Accor Solidarity Week, Accor hotels in greater Jakarta area celebrated the group’s Solidarity Week 2021 through a collaboration with Diversey and Yayasan Emmanuel in supporting Diversey’s Linens For Life programme. Every year, hotels around the world generate massive amounts of used linens like bed sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths, employee uniforms and the like. Instead of discarding these linens, Diversey’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) team sees it as an opportunity to help communities where Accor hotels gladly support.

Linens For Life has a simple but powerful objective: to empower people in need or at-risk families through creative conversion of used linens into items for sale. With this programme, many families in a community are able to earn a small livelihood by converting linens discarded by hotels into new and useful items that can be sold, and hence helping them to earn an income. At the same time, instead of sending these linens to landfills or incinerators, hotels can upcycle their unwanted linens in a way that makes a real difference.

Stephane Bryer, Director of Operation Accor Greater Jakarta said,  “Accor hotels in greater Jakarta area not only donated the used linens, but are also committed to re-purchase the tote bags created which can be utilized to reduce plastic and paper usage. The partnership creates a sustainable cycle – by reducing discarded linens that go to waste to landfills and by giving the used items a second life; and in communities – by providing opportunities to generate income and make a living.” 

Global Director for Sustainability and Creating Shared Values, Diversey, Stefan Phang, explained, “We strongly believe that people don’t want charity, they want to work. When we can give them a livelihood, they are happy and confident that they can earn income and create value. The project is about environmental and social protection, and hygiene as well. That’s why we call it Linens For Life. It’s life and livelihood. We are very honored that Accor hotels share the same values and we are grateful for this  partnership.”

The symbolic handover of the linens from Accor Greater Jakarta represented by Stephan Bryer (Director of Operation) to Yayasan Emmanuel, represented by Emmanuel Laumonier and Monique Thenu. 

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