NewsShangri-La Jakarta Presents Ramadan Season of Serenity

Shangri-La Jakarta Presents Ramadan Season of Serenity

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Shangri-La Jakarta celebrates the holy month of Ramadan with attractive selections of Ramadan feasts from 2 April to 2 May 2022 in reminiscent of Moroccan charm and character, welcoming guests to stay and dine.

SATOO restaurant will be offering a wide range of classic Ramadan menus served with an original and contemporary twist of flavours with the taste of local, Asian, Western, and Eastern cuisine. This special year, SATOO will take guests back to their memories with nuances of hometown culinary festivity that aligns with the theme of ‘SATOO Kampung Ramadan’. Curated menus that present hometown creations are ready to satisfy palates, with creations such as Nasi Tumpah Kuali, Lontong Coto Makassar, Sei Sapi Teppanyaki, Batagor Salmon, Mie Siram Kari Kepiting, Nasi Petai Cumi Hitam, Martabak Kari Kambing, Sate Marangi Sambal Oncom, SATOO Angkringan, and various Indonesian Sambals that bring guests a feeling of nostalgia. Another flavour of the Arabic palatability is Moroccan Lamb and Kebuli Rice, Giant Snapper with Harra Sauce, Shawarma, Hot Mezzah and an Arabic Mixed Grill with selections of Lamb Kofta, Shish Tawouk, Fish and Lamb Kebabs. Enjoy a sweet ending to your meal with a delicious dessert inspired by traditional and Middle Eastern styles. Break the fast with generous assortments to please guests with exciting takjil favourites, such as Sosis Solo, Combro, Bakwan Goreng and more. SATOO’s Iftar buffet will be available daily, starting from IDR 558,000++ per person.

The hotel’s signature Italian restaurant, ROSSO will complete the Iftar experience with premium antipasti treats, ROSSO Risotto Rendang, Signature Soup Iga, Slow-roasted Premium Austra Beef Rib Eye, Tiger Prawns and curried Laksa Noodles, Pizza Rendang, Parmesan Wheel Gnocchi and more. To end the series, a delicious Espresso Tiramisu, Vanilla Panna Cotta, and Caramel Pudding will be available to guests to pamper themselves with. The Rosso Iftar buffet will be served every day starting from IDR 558,000++ per person.

JIA, brings guests classic Chinese cuisine with a stylish presentation and a little twist of the modern, while still respecting the original recipe, to spoil guests’ taste buds with the
Ramadan All-You-Can-Eat choice starting from IDR 408,000++ per person. Nishimura will serve a variety of delicacies while maintaining the authenticity of Japanese cuisine.
This Ramadan, our Japanese restaurant, offers a special Ramadan menu that can be chosen as an Iftar menu option for IDR 688,000++ per person.

Gorgeous gifts to share, this year’s Ramadan hampers will be presented in a warm terracotta and green colour pattern. These wondrous hampers come in Regular and Premium. Regular Hampers include Gaeshan Hampers with three (3) kinds of cookies, Faezya Hampers with three (3) sorts of cookies and a jar of cashew nuts, and Azza  hampers with five (5) sorts of cookies and a jar of cashew nuts. Premium Hampers comprise curated Eid Al-Fitr delicacies, while Dhiya Hampers including six (6) kinds of cookies, a box of cashew nuts, a box of chocobars, and one (1) beautiful tumbler. Another premium offering, Amiirah Hampers includes six (6) kinds of cookies, one (1) cashew nuts, a box of pistachio nuts, a chocobar, one (1) tumbler, and one (1) syrup. The cookie selections come in a variety such as Nastar, Putri Salju, Kastengel, Kue Kacang and Kue Semprit. These hampers are ready to order at SATOO Deli with prices starting from IDR 550,000+.

SATOO Deli also offers retail products from cookies to cakes that are perfect to order with a variety of products such as Nastar Sultan that is made with top-notch ingredients as well as Nastar Premium, Kastangel, Putri Salju, Choco Chips Cookies, Ketupat Praline, Caramelized Spiced Cashew Nuts, Sweet Sesame Seed Cashew Nuts, Lapis Legit Cake, Colenak Cake, Sultan Kurma Cake, Ketupat Praline, Stuffed Dates Chocolate and more. Kids can also have fun with our selections of Kids’ offers such as Place and Trace Chocolate, Congklak Chocolate, Diorama Kampung, and the Ketupat Game – all perfect while waiting for everyone to break their fast. After a full day of fasting, these delicious treats add a sweet touch to the day by pleasing guests’ palates, with prices starting from IDR 35,000+.

This celebration will continue until Eid Al-Fitr on 2 and 3 May 2022 with a popular Eid Al-Fitr feast featuring traditional tastes of Ketupat Sayur, Chicken Opor, Beef Rendang and more, with prices starting from IDR 558,000++.
For guests who want to celebrate the day of Eid Al-Fitr and enjoy breaking the fast of Ramadan in the comfort of their homes, the takeaway option is a great choice. Hantaran Bamboo includes Rice and side dishes that come in three (3) kinds of packages such as Signature Ayam Kodok, Premium Kambing Guling, and Brisket Betutu. Ramadan Platter is available in three (3) packages, such as Java Platter, Manado Platter, and Sunda Platter, each package representing the region of this soul food. These packages are ideal for sharing with up to four (4) persons. While Idul Fitri Platter is perfectly shared during the Eid Al-Fitr celebration with two (2) variants of packages, such as Minang Platter and Yogya Platter. These packages are ideal for sharing with up to four (4) persons. Tajil Tiffin offers three (3) kinds of the Tajil set, such as the Middle East Tiffin, Nusantara Tiffin, and Chinese Tiffin. These packages are ideal for sharing with up to four (4) persons. Tajil Pyramid is presented in a pyramid shape with various assorted Tajil inspired from Traditional, Western, and Middle Eastern creations. All the packages will be available to order and share with loved ones, with prices starting from IDR 680,000+

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