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Year-End’s Most Anticipated Movie: Sri Asih

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The festive season of this year is celebrated with the long awaited movies from local to international productions.

Bumilangit Cinematic Universe presents “Sri Asih”, the first female superhero live action movie in Indonesia. Sri Asih has been highly anticipated by BCU fans and movie-goers since the release of “Gundala”, the first superhero live action production under the Screenplay Bumilangit.

Directed by Upi and Written by Joko Anwar, “Sri Asih” tells a story of a lead female named Alana, who always filled with rage since her childhood. Growing up, Alana realized that she’s a special girl with superhero abilities then her heroic story goes.

“Sri Asih” is based on a comic book created by the Father of Indonesian Comic, R.A. Kosasih. This movie features star-studded actors, such as Pevita Pearce as Sri Asih, Christine Hakim, Jeffri Nichol, Dimas Anggara, Reza Rahadian, Surya Saputra, Randy Pangalila, Revaldo, Dian Sastrowardoyo and more.

“Sri Asih” is currently hitting theaters and has been garnering love and support from the public and critics.


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