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The Gaia Hotel Bandung Presents The First Annual Gaia Music Festival and Music Related Facilities

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The Gaia Hotel Bandung launches the inaugural Gaia Music Festival on 25 and 26 November 2022, to be held at the hotel’s Amphitheatre. The two-day festival is slotted to be an annual musical event, in line with one of the pillars of The Gaia Hotel Bandung’s Active/Rest concept that is Music and Movie.

The Gaia Music Festival this year is titled Jazz in The Valley, in collaboration with Jazz Gunung Indonesia (JGI) – an international-level jazz concert organiser that focuses on creating outdoor events in highland areas. In the past, JGI has successfully created jazz events at Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen. An impressive line-up of famed and respected jazz musicians are set to perform at Gaia Music Festival – Jazz in The Valley, including Tompi, Andien, Dira Sugandi featuring Sri Hanuraga, Barry Likumahuwa and The Rhythm Service, as well as up-and-coming artists such as 5Petani and Sokhi.

Inviting guests to an inspirational getaway

The Gaia Hotel Bandung is designed as a modern village, a neighbourhood that offers venues, events and experiences that go beyond what is expected from staying in a hotel. The unique Active/Rest philosophy strengthens the concept, where a vacation can be simultaneously restful, interesting and enriching.

Active/Rest philosophy comprises four pillars: Music & Movie; Design, Art & Photography; Food & Crafts; The Big Outdoors. With the Gaia Music Festival, the hotel aims to deliver one of its brand promises, and bring a fun and inspiring event where musicians can share their influential passion and creativity.

Incorporating music to the modern village

Music is a big part for The Gaia Hotel Bandung’s brand as evident from the hotel’s elaborate music facilities: the Amphitheatre and the music studio, with the former being the location of the annual music festival. Nestled at the hotel’s sprawling garden, the multi-purpose Amphitheatre boasts fresh air of the vicinity and the mesmerising natural surroundings. With the idyllic setting, the Jazz in The Valley will definitely be an enchanting experience of music and nature.

Keeping the rhythm alive all year long

In addition to the annual musical event, The Gaia Hotel Bandung wants to keep the musical spirit all year long with its music studio. The hotel invites musicians and music enthusiasts to make the most of its music studio, offering an elaborate facility complemented with a state-of-the-art recording equipment, sophisticated sound system and musical instruments like guitar, bass, drum and keyboard. Ideal for music recording, or simply for a jamming session, the music studio is open for everyone with prior reservations, with a special rate for the in-house guests.

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