NewsARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur - Jakarta Officially Opens ARTSPACE

ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta Officially Opens ARTSPACE

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ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta is proudly announcing the newest addition to the hotel, ARTSPACE, which is a signature facility of the ARTOTEL brand. To mark the opening of ARTSPACE, the hotel collaborates with renowned abstract artist, Dedy Sufriadi, holding an art exhibition at the lobby floor of ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta.

Dedy Sufriadi has been dedicating his life in contemporary Indonesian art for two decades, resulting in him winning prestigious awards. At ARTSPACE, Dedy presents a series of TABULA RASA, illustrating his balance of free intuition through his compositional skills, experience and acquired knowledge. Dedy’s artworks that are on display at ARTSPACE will awe visitors, inviting them to explore the embodiment of beauty in simplicity.

Apart from being a form of commitment, the presence of the ARTSPACE also aims to support Indonesian artists to be able to express their best works, especially at ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta.

ARTSPACE exhibition will be taking place until 31 July 2023. For further information, kindly contact the team at ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur – Jakarta on (+6221) 5268833.

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