NewsJakarta Heart Centre Presents “FUN FIT PLAY - CITOS SEHAT & SERU” to Promote...

Jakarta Heart Centre Presents “FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU” to Promote Cardiovascular Health

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To raise awareness for cardiovascular health and urge people to prevent heart disease, Rumah Sakit Jantung Jakarta or Jakarta Heart Centre (JHC) held an exciting event titled “FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU”which took place starting from 3 to 5 December 2022 at Cilandak Town Square (CITOS). “FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU” consisted of a series of events, including Health Talk with various topics related to cardiovascular health, mini MCU and free consultation with medical specialists.

As heart disease is increasing in younger people, this topic becomes concerning and tells us to focus more on promoting a healthy lifestyle with exercise regularly and eat healthy and balanced nutritious food, such as consuming soy protein. These steps will help to reduce the risk factors for heart issues. As the best nutrition that is needed by the body, soybean can also be enjoyed in various forms, one of which is soy milk drinks as presented by V-SOY.


“FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU” opened for public and showcased many other interesting activities, such as cooking demo by V-SOY and Idealife, health products, live music, zumba, cardio dance, poundfit and aerobics.

FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU was celebrated by healthy lifestyle partners, such as Yoona Women, Diagnos Lab, Medisoft, Terra Life, ASABRI, Helzz Fashion, RS Siloam, Sporte, Ohana Clothing, Fashion Naeka, Vincy Fashion, Pristine, Cokelatin, and Tomaple Donat.

FUN FIT PLAY – CITOS SEHAT & SERU was lso supported by V – SOY and organized by Goodlife. With Inclover Magazine and as media partners for this event.

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