NewsARTOTEL WEEK - Art, Music and Lifestyle Festival in “Kota Tua”, Jakarta

ARTOTEL WEEK – Art, Music and Lifestyle Festival in “Kota Tua”, Jakarta

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Combining the beauty of art, music and urban lifestyle, ARTOTEL Group hosts ARTOTEL WEEK, an Arts, Music & Lifestyle Festival to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Takes place 8 – 11 November 2017, ARTOTEL WEEK was held at Cipta Niaga Building, Kota Tua Jakarta.

ARTOTEL WEEK is expected to be the forerunner of the contemporary art movement of young people in Kota Tua and bring a new breath amidst colonial environment that has stood since 1820.

The event is filled with contemporary exhibitions from 12 artists, in the theme “Stance of Youth, this exhibition presents 12 young artists in a diverse art medium.

While indulging the eyes with a beautiful collection of art, your hearing senses will be spoiled with music rebound from indie band bands presented by Urban Gigs.

The event is also enlivened with Art Market, where visitors can purchase a limited edition artworks collection, fashion collections, even to indulge your taste buds, food as well as beverages as well. And to open your artistic insights, Art Talks and Workshop also enliven this event.