NewsBerrybenka B-Project Awarding Day

Berrybenka B-Project Awarding Day

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One of the largest technology-based fashion retail in Indonesia, Berrybenka, initiated an influencer program to support the rise of creative youth in social media. Divided into fashion, beauty and photography categories, more than 1,000 people from Jabodetabek and Bandung applied for the project. A series of activites with famous influencers help the participants to make better, more positive contents which can influence public opinion. Berrybenka in collaboration with body-care brand NIVEA and BTPN’s revolutionary life finance application Jenius also held various workshops. 
After 8 months of selection, Fitri Nuraini, Nabilla Rachmayanti, Adinda Talitha Ismah
and Aquinaldo Adrian were announced as the ambassadors of the Berrybenka brand at the B-Project Awarding Day event at The Pallas, Jakarta. The event also presented the new Men & Women collection from the Berrybenka label and gave awards to participants with top points in each category and best content creators chosen by NIVEA and Jenius among others.
Jason Lamuda as the CEO of PT Berrybenka said, “the program not only creates new and healthy atmosphere for business community, especially the digital industry by giving birth to new influencers, but also provides an opportunity to the participants in developing their creativity and earnings by becoming influencers.”