NewsTasting the Authentic Russian Taste in Jakarta

Tasting the Authentic Russian Taste in Jakarta

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To support this widespread of Russian success in providing maintained food quality, in November 2017 the delegation from Russian food producers will come for the first time to Indonesia and participate in international food expo called SIAL Interfood Food Business Jakarta 2017.

SIAL Interfood Expo is one of the hub to introduce the taste of Russia to Indonesian market. Several big Russian food producers such as KZP, IVAN-TEA, Pterovskie Nivy, MAKFA, Lina, KDV and United Confectionaries which popularly known for their healthy beverages and products will enliven this expo.

Not only want to introduce the original taste of Russian made products, but also this participation in the expo were aimed to open up the business opportunities and increase an insight about quality of Russian food producers for Indonesian food products market.