NewsThe Longest Nasi Campur Dharmawangsa

The Longest Nasi Campur Dharmawangsa

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The Dharmawangsa Jakarta held its 20th anniversary celebration with the less fortunate children in a charity luncheon serving the longest Nasi Campur Dharmawangsa. The signature dish with all its elements is laid out continuously 1.3 km long on the tables.
The event also featured performances by SLB Pangudi Luhur, 100 orphans from Blue Bird Group institution and Modern Kawai Special Band. After the event, the media were introduced to the special buffet menu available in Jakarta Restaurant, offering 20 selections of Indonesian ancient heritage dishes.
Familiar comfort food such as Pempek (fishcake from Palembang) and Colenak (grilled fermented food from Bandung) are served along with the currently rare Pisang Rai (coconut banana from Bali) and Mi Lethek from Wonogiri.
Another rare finds are dried semanggi leaves from Surabaya, eaten with pecel dominated by yams. Meanwhile, a dish reserved for Palembang royalty in the past, Gulo Puan, is made from buffalo milk and sugar. The sweet taste matches well with banana fritter or bread. 
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